Partnering with U.S. Embassies on Grants

On September 13, Public Affairs Officer Tanya Salseth spoke at a training workshop run by SOFIA, the Salvatorian Office for International Aid, about grant opportunities offered by U.S. Embassies. In the audience were 60 members of religious congregations, and lay people working with them, who had traveled from all parts of the world to Rome for the week-long workshop.

By highlighting the three key steps for grant success, Ms. Salseth engaged the audience in helpful hints for writing proposals. Finding the right information is the first step, as it is crucial to figure out what grant options there are. Finding the right person is another key step, and Ms. Salseth explained how U.S. Embassies are organized, and who would be the best person to talk to about grants. Third, writing the right proposal is paramount, and the most important aspect to this is making sure your proposal relates to the local U.S Embassy’s goals.

In her talk, the Public Affairs Officer focused on grants that are of particular interest to the United States foreign assistance strategy; for example, projects that focus on health, education, trafficking in persons, counter-terrorism, and anti-corruption. The enthusiastic audience asked many specific questions – and U.S. Embassies around the world will hopefully receive better grant proposals as a result!