Partnering with U.S. Embassies on Grants and Fundraising

Public Affairs Assistant Uta Sievers gave a presentation on funding opportunities through U.S. embassies as part of an annual week-long workshop organized by the SOFIA Salvatorian Office for International Aid to help religious congregations fundraise and write grant proposals. Through the workshop, the organization hopes to increase their participants’ chances of making their projects come to fruition. The event has been run for a number of years by Brother Allen Sherry and Dr. Arnout Mertens. Participants come from all over the world—from Nigeria to Australia to right here in Italy—to partake in the activities and lectures of the workshop.

The presenter broke the worldwide U.S. government funding system into two parts: the types of funding available and how best to apply. She stressed the importance of projects meeting Embassy goals, and making valuable connections with officials who work there. Local religious congregations can form mutually beneficial partnerships with Embassies beyond their projects through grant proposals and communication.

Following the presentation was a question-and-answer session to help participants parse the U.S. Embassy funding system.