An online tribute to Mother Teresa in the USA

Mother Teresa's 1996 visit to CRS Headquarters in Baltimore, MD. Shown (left to right) are Mother Teresa, CRS president Ken Hackett, Sean Callahan and Bishop Ricard.

Mother Teresa will be canonized by Pope Francis on September 4, 2016. To celebrate the occasion, the U.S. Embassy to the Holy See has curated an online tribute to Mother Teresa.

Saint Mother Teresa, the founder of the Missionaries of Charity, was often a guest in the United States. An adamant pro-life advocate and opponent of the death penalty, she opened her first American-based house of charity in New York in 1971. She was a frequent guest at the White House, met with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the World Food Resolution, addressed the United Nations in New York, and became an honorary American citizen in 1996. Although the Nobel Peace Prize winner was often the attention of the powerful and the media, she never forgot her true calling to care for the poor and sick.

With materials collected from her past collaborators in organizations such as Catholic Relief Services, our tribute will feature original speeches, congressional records, and rare photographs, all of which speak to her tireless efforts to rid the world of poverty, homelessness, and hunger.