The Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museums are where you will find the Sistine Chapel, one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world. Additionally, the Vatican Museums house many priceless works of art including the “Raphael Rooms”, and many galleries of sculpture, tapestries and frescoes.

Address: Viale Vaticano (runs along the right-hand side of the Vatican City Wall if you are facing St. Peter’s Basilica)



On 1st June, the Vatican Museums opened their doors to the public, after the long months of health crisis due to the COVID-19 infection.

For a period, the duration of which is still difficult to determine, visits will be organized according to the criteria briefly described below.

These rules are necessary to ensure that your visit can take place in the best and safest conditions. Therefore they prevail over the ordinary conditions reported in the individual sections of our official website.

For this reason, we invite you to take due note of them before making your reservation and to keep them in mind during your visit to our collections.

Our Office of Services and Public Relations remains at your disposal to provide useful assistance and to answer your questions at

The Pope’s Museums await you with pleasure!

Modalities, procedures and rules for visits to the Vatican Museums and Gardens