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Ambassador Gingrich’s Remarks at Tri-Mission 9/11 Memorial Observance
September 11, 2020

Ambassador Gingrich’s Remarks at Tri-Mission

Remarks by Ambassador Gingrich
9/11 Memorial Observance
Rome, Italy

Good afternoon.

Ambassador Eisenberg, Ambassador Tom, colleagues, and friends, it’s an honor to be with you on this solemn day.

We come together as a Tri-Mission community to honor the memory of nearly 3,000 innocent men, women, and children who perished at the hands of terrorists nineteen years ago.

For countless Americans, including many of us, the vivid memory of that day remains.

On 9/11, I was working on Capitol Hill, watching events unfold in disbelief, and wondering if the Capitol was also going to be attacked.

None of us knew what was happening or what to do.  Amidst the chaos and confusion, we literally ran from the Capitol to find safety.

For those of us who lived through 9/11, we will never forget the shock, the anger, and the sadness that overwhelmed our nation.

In that moment of darkness, however, we came together with renewed purpose and resolve.

And so today we pause to remember and honor those lives that were needlessly taken on September 11, 2001.

We also remember and honor those lives that were lost fighting terrorism around the globe.  May their lives and sacrifices never be forgotten.

Thank you and God bless.