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2019 Call for Grant Proposals
July 29, 2019

The insignia for the United States Embassy is shown along with the words "U.S. Embassy to the Holy See: 2019 Small Grants Program".

Program Description

The Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy to the Holy See is pleased to offer a small grants program and we invite organizations to submit proposals for projects or events based on the criteria below.  The aim of the grants program is to further U.S. foreign policy goals, in particular goals we share with the Holy See.

Program Objectives

Grant proposals should promote one or more of the following U.S. Embassy to the Holy See policy objectives:

  • Promoting human rights globally by combatting human trafficking, promoting religious freedom, and highlighting the role of women within the Vatican and Catholic organizations around the world
  • Advocating for peaceful resolution of conflict, conflict prevention, and reconciliation and peace building efforts
  • Countering Russian disinformation among Holy See officials and the broader Catholic community
  • Promoting increased access to food and water and advances in science and health
  • Promoting inter-faith dialogue, cooperation, understanding, and tolerance
  • Supporting marginalized populations, including religious minorities and refugee

The Embassy prefers to provide initial funding for maximum impact projects that have the potential to be long-term, self-sustaining, and have a multiplier effect.  Short-term programs, events, or workshops will also be considered. The project should, when applicable, include a media or public outreach component that promotes awareness for the project through a press conference, event launch, social media, video, etc.

Rome-based Embassy staff must be able to monitor projects.


Activities covering the above policy objectives that have been funded in the past include, but are not limited to:

  • Workshops, trainings, and publications
  • Cultural programs, as well as radio, television, and social media programming which encourage audiences to take collective action on a common cause

Activities that are not typically funded include, but are not limited to:

  • Ongoing salary costs
  • Office equipment
  • Renovation or construction projects
  • Travel expenses to and from the United States
  • Fundraising activities
  • Representational costs, i.e. food and drink
  • Scientific research

Funding Information

Preference will be given to institutions with a proven track record of executing high quality events and programs and sound financial management, and proposals that demonstrate the long-term sustainability of the project, and have an innovative component. Although not required, some form of cost-sharing with the partner institution(s) is welcomed. New grantees will be generally given priority over previous grantees.

Embassy grants are unlikely to be more than $10,000, and grant requests for smaller amounts ($2,000-$5,000) are welcome.  The Embassy reserves the right to enter into discussions with applicants to obtain clarification, additional details, or to suggest refinements in the program description, budget, or other aspects of the application. The deadline for this round of funding is August 28, 2019.

Application Requirements

Proposals must be submitted in English and should be no longer than 3 pages. We strongly suggest you cover the following points:

  • Project Narrative: Provide an executive summary of the project description. Please include the specific goals of the project in terms of messages delivered to audiences, desired changes in behavior, expected actions etc.
  • Project Timeline, including preparation, execution, and evaluation.
  • Project Description: Summary of the project content, general and specific objectives, activities, performance indicators, and how the project promotes one or more of the U.S. Embassy to the Holy See’s policy objectives listed above.
  • Proposed period of performance.
  • Details of the media outreach component, including press conference, social media, etc. (see above).
  • Budget: Full breakdown of expected costs in U.S. dollars.  Note if there are other funding sources or in-kind contributions.
  • Disclosure of any potential conflict of interest.

If the project is not based in Rome, the proposal must indicate how Rome-based Embassy staff will be able to monitor the project.  For example, if a parent or partner organization is based in Rome.

Application Submission and Evaluation

Please email proposals to USEmbassyVatican@state.gov.  In deciding which projects to support, the Embassy will give consideration to the full range and diversity of cultural, non-profit, and educational organizations related to the Holy See. We will evaluate proposals with the following in mind:  how well the proposal promotes the U.S. Embassy to the Holy See’s policy goals mentioned above, the potential impact and reach of the program, and the soundness of the proposed budget.

Grant Follow-up

If your organization receives funding from the Embassy, you will be required to submit a detailed account of how the money was spent, as well as a report on the outcomes of the project, and any media coverage achieved, within 30 days of the end of the agreed performance period.  The Embassy may also visit the grant activity for monitoring purposes.